Recycling Phones on Good for Environment and Friendly for Pocket

Statistics say that per day nearly over fifty thousand people across the UK buy a new mobile phone for telecommunication. Some exchange for their penchant to buy an upgraded version of their existing phone and some exchange because their old phone is no longer valid for usage. In either of the cases the customers will be happy if they could make money from the old phone be it faulty, completely not working or mildly worn out. Technology that has cost the selling is also the cure for this problem with an environment friendly solution known as recycling of phones. In this process you can sell your phone to vendors who pay for the product and recycle them further. Such an online phone reselling vendor is To know the benefits and how to sell my phone check out below:

3 Steps to Sell Your Phone

The decision to sell your phone is difficult but selecting the prospective buyer is hardly difficult. The unanimous choice for selling your used, faulty phone is This online store is operating for quite some time now with excellent deals and offers. This online phone buyer promises quick evaluation and payment completion by the end of the day which is a drop dead offer.

To sell your phone to just follow the below stated three simple steps:

• Log into the web site and fill in the form
• Ship the used mobile phone using free courier service
• Get your phone evaluated along with the shipped accessories and payment completed by the end of the day
Apart from these simple and convenient steps and benefits reputation and brand value gives its customer the peace of mind and security factor knowing that their product is in safe hands.

Advanced Features of

The smart phones be it Android, Windows, I-phone all have features to store volume of data in internal memory as well as extended memory. With information security breaches and spams all over you might worry what if my personal information gets leaked to outside world when I sell my phone? Many a times people simply lock their old phone at home in this fear. With permanent data removal services even the most intelligent Forensic recovery software cannot retrieve data like photo, video, phonebook, speed dial, web connection, browsing history, passwords, E mail messages, web transactions etc from the sold out phone. Hence, with full surety and confidence you can sell your mobile phone to

Same Day Payment

The is the only recycling service that offers same day payment. Once you raise a purchase order and ship your phone to them, they perform testing and if the phone clears their terms the payment is scheduled and transaction gets initiated on the very same day. payment partners are PayPal and bank transfers. These are trusted secure money transfer methods offering valid record of the transaction. rejects a phone and mails back to the owner if it is unable to power up, is water damaged, has damaged screen or buttons, has missing components etc. Also they buy huge range of brands like HTC, IPhone, Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia Lumia etc making a variety of customers happy.

With e-waste minimization in the agenda, works towards a healthy environment with minimal wastage by recycling phones. Working phones are sold immediately and the worn out phones are refurbished for future usage. gives you the privilege to move along with technology by buying your phones however old they are if they are in working condition. Hence, to sell your phone on is undoubtedly a wise decision.